Our Precious Jewel ANCHOVY guy…
Our Official Dancing Machine…
Our emotional Super Junior Eunhyuk..
the simple LEE HYUKJAE guy…

Wishing you a healthy,happy and full of colors life always…
Enjoy everything you does..your happiness is all that matter to us all Everlasting Friends..
Thanks for being one of the SJ we loved…

superjunior192.gif Kangin Leeteuk Eunhyuk Yesung Donghae Sungmin gif image by TraciGrant

Eunhyuk membuat Love Sign dari atas dorm mereka di Taiwan

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38 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUNHYUK !

  1. the man with innocent face but like yadong== how kind you are~ >,< kyaa sexy anchovy saengil chukhae yaa~~ jaga kesehatan n tetep tampan XD
    Love signnya lucu~

  2. happy birthday lee hyukjae, moga makin sukses dan eksis aja deh…
    and otak yadogx dikurangi yach… he..he..he……… mian hyuki

  3. Happy Birthday Eunhyuk Hyukjae LEE.
    we will always support you to be the best ..
    thank you been born in this world and be part of super junior
    thank you already want to give a smile to ELF and Jewels ..
    we love you ❤ ^^

  4. Saengil chukkae eunhyukkie….
    moga mimpimu ewujud dah amin
    n jangan cengeng lagi! udah gede masih cengeng
    *dijitak hyuk*

    saengil chuka hamnida hyukkie oppa !!!!!!!


  6. yadong oppa…ani

    hyuk jae oppa, oneul bappayo?
    wish u a good health
    wishing u for the best things
    wishing u lot of happiness
    i’m speechless now but i really want to see u happy, keep ur chin up n grab ur dreams.

  7. Eunhyuk oppa..saengil chukkae…
    Wish in your life full of happiness.^_^
    Lee Hyuk Jae saranghaeyo ❤ ❤

  8. (singing) saengil chukkahamnida 2x
    saranghaeyo eunhyuk oppa
    saengil chukkahamnida 😀

    ~wish u all d best oppa!! :))~

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