26th Birthday ♥ 영운;; Happy Birthday Kangin



생일축하합니다, 강인 오빠!

despite all the things that happened last year, i will always be here for you.

we all make mistakes, and i know we all learn from it.

ELFS will always be by your side. ❤

waiting for you to come back in your twelve other brothers arms… ❤

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26 thoughts on “26th Birthday ♥ 영운;; Happy Birthday Kangin

  1. saengil chukae to uri raccoon, young woon oppa.. the korean #1 handsome boy.. be healthy and come back soon oppa.. bogoshipo.. ~~

  2. saengil cukhae urii oppaa…
    smg dpt smw yg kau inginkan d umurmu skrg….
    saranghaeeee ^,^
    miss u so muchhhh 😦

  3. Saengil Chukha Hamnida my #1 korean handsome Guy !
    be Healthy n GET stronger !
    Luph Uuu !
    Bogoshipo. . .
    Gidarilge. . .

  4. saengil chukkahamnida kang in oppa,,,,
    hope u’ll be better than before,, n being the Good Person,, hope u’ll always Happiness,, says Thank You to ELF,, cz they make u Believe to still stand with the other members,,, cz u have L.O.V.E for all of people,, n U Believe that,, there’s a Miracle always make u Happy Together like a Shining Star,,
    mian,,, kepanjangan,,,
    chukkae oppa,,,

  5. oppa selamat ulangtahun,,,
    Happy birthday oppa,,,kangin
    seangil chukae hamnida oppa kangin

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