Pre order Siwon in 3rdwavemusic album!!

Buat yang ingin Pre order Siwon in 3rdwavemusic album!!

http://www.3rdwavemusic.orgDO u know, our Siwon Choi sing in 3rdwave music album ‘I will be there’ ?
Siwon sing ‘The Sweetest Name’

Pre order CD Sep 10 2010 visit
If you pre-order, you might win a SIGNED 3rdWaveMusic CD!! Buying more=more raffle tix for draw!!
Most of the vocals of 3rdWaveMusic CD were done in Nashville
Special pics from 3rdWaveMusic Nashville trip will be released at iTunes launch!!
When will @3rdWaveMusic CD be out on iTunes? 2010.10.10!! Mark your calendars!!

They’re launching a FREE app on iTunes next week!! after Sep 13

Check out 3rdWaveMusic iLike page + FB for exclusive pics!

Siwon sing Looking for the Day at the SS3 concerts. You can download alternate version here for FREE!

The 3rdWaveMusic CD can be shipped internationally! You’ll be using PayPal to pre-order.
Pre-order 1 3rdWaveMusic CD & you’re entitled to 1 raffle ticket for the SIGNED CD draw!!
Pre-order 2 3rdWaveMusic CDs & you’re entitled to 3 raffle tickets for the SIGNED CD draw!!
Pre-order 3 3rdWaveMusic CDs & you get 3 raffle tickets + 1 per CD for the SIGNED CD draw!!

For Indonesia region
you can pre order thru us
by sending your email thru our Indonesian admin
or tweet us on @siwonlover

We are official admin of 3rdwavemusic
LET’S SUPPORT OUR SIWON in this album  REMEMBER THIS ALBUM is Providing food &
education for African children.

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15 thoughts on “Pre order Siwon in 3rdwavemusic album!!

  1. wah driku pngen,,
    brp hrgany y?
    trz mksd signed album tu ap?
    album yg dtndatanganin dy?
    kl iy mah sya brminat^v^

  2. ini album rohani kristen lho temen^^v puji Tuhan deh kalo kalian yang non-kristen bisa ikut berpartisipiasi membeli album ini:)
    God Bless~

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